I am Anna, the artist and owner of Wild Moon Art & Jewelry. Like many creative humans, I think I can say I've always been an artist. Imagination, wonder, sensitivity, and need for expression are just an integral part of who I am. All aspects of life pervade my creative process... I absorb all that is beautiful, elegant, quirky and special from what I see, feel, smell and experience in this world. I've always been a compassionate, deep feeling, curious and explorative person. This passes from me into the art I create.

Sometimes my purpose in designing a piece is to share the immense pleasures in color that I have had the privilege of experiencing so frequently throughout my life. I associate colors with people, smells, sounds, places and feelings. Often I am inspired to capture the raw, pure essence of a creature, a gemstone, a moment or a sound. My desire is to showcase a fleeting beauty so that it can endure, be enjoyed and enhanced. It's almost as if this thing now has a voice and has become something far more vibrant and meaningful. When experiencing art, we can feel so much, and art can embrace and enliven the most ordinary or temporary thing.

Each piece of art or jewelry in my shop has been individually designed and hand crafted by myself in my home studio in Colorado, USA. I officially launched my jewelry business in 2007, and today I offer my line of conscientiously crafted jewelry that combines a minimalist, elegant, rustic & soulful approach. The designs are both classic & modern, and I believe it is important to evoke a sense of beautiful balance within each jewelry piece. I strive to create a timeless line of handcrafted jewelry which will attract admiration and bestow unique, sensual adornment for the wearer.

It is truly a pleasure and an honor to be able to share my artistic gifts with others in a way that brings them joy and evokes something within them that is unique and special. To do so while also making a living for myself and my family is, indeed, something I feel most fortunate to be able to do.

I thank you sincerely for taking a moment of your time to learn a bit more about me and what art means to my life. If you'd like to know more or have any questions or requests, please feel free to reach out to me.

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